Outfit Inspiration from Your Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish

Posted on 27 November 2019

by Brittany Snyder


It has suddenly become that time of year again: the holiday season. Thanksgiving comes first, and then it’s a blinding whirlwind of wine bags, unwanted bags of cookies, and skipping that overplayed Christmas song on the radio. No matter what your plans are for Thanksgiving, we here at Verdalina encourage you to embrace the delectable food traditions. With so many options on the table and in the closet, make the meal that much more meaningful by drawing outfit inspiration from your favorite side dish. 

You are what you eat, after all. 


Mashed Potatoes

ApuntoB Jacket in Ecru

             When you visit that relative who never keeps the thermostat above 68, pull on your ApuntoB wool and cotton jacket in ecru to stay cozy. When it’s cold inside and out, you’ll need even more comfort food to fill you up. Pile on the mashed potatoes and don’t worry about a spill. It’ll blend right in.


Cooked Carrots 

Aristide Touchscreen Leather and Nylon Gloves

             Arrive at dinner with the message clearly stated – INCOMING CARROT LOVER. The quilted nylon accent on these Aristide leather gloves signals a loves for those soft, sweet roots the host hopefully didn’t skip out on making. When covered with brown sugar and cinnamon, does it qualify as a vegetable anymore? No one cares. You’ll probably be the only one eating them anyway.


Green Beans

ApuntoB Jacket and Pleated Skirt in Grass Green

            You can have your vegetables and wear them too with this Grass Green head-to-toe ensemble from ApuntoB. Let everyone know to keep their portions to a minimum because you intend to pile on the greens because you're trying to stay healthy this year. Yes, you know they’re coated in everything oily, but a veggie is a veggie. (Pst. You have butter dripping down your chin.)


Cranberry Sauce 

Raquel Allegra Crepe Satin Split Front Dress in Dahlia

             Have more of a sweet taste for your turkey sides? Slip into this Raquel Allegra number and pile on the cran. With a loose fit in crepe satin, this dress pulls off easily over the inevitable Thanksgiving food baby. Reach for that spoon, girl. That turkey looks dull.



45 Basket Bag in Tan by Dragon Diffusion
            If you're feeling laid back this season and eyeing that pre-made stuffing from the store, buy it. You deserve some more "me time" this winter. Grab this 45 Basket Bag from Dragon Diffusion and head to the store. Made in durable woven leather, this nice-sized tan tote will fit that stuffing dish plus a few bottles of wine. You'll need the vino for when the family conversation turns political. 

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