Aroma Therapy

Fragrance is a magical, intimate gift, that reflects platonic affection or romantic love. Treating yourself to a new scent can mark a line in the sand or simply reflect your current vibe. 

For yourself, your bestie or your beloved, fragrance makes an apt pre-New Years gesture. Oh! and it’s not just for the femmes, many fragrances at Verdalina are unisex— designed for all!

Elisabeth is the scent of hope. With beautiful shades of blue Delphinium petals soaked in pure and healing Amber Oil blend, she gives off an essence of levity, openness and joy. Elisabeth exudes a certain resonance and deep familiarity. 

Every 1509 pure fragrance oil is created to heal, inspire and touch the lives of those they embrace. A few drops of these pure fragrance oils will dance on your skin, soothe and heal— evoking a memory while triggering emotion.

An experience for the essence of both woman and man. To notice, to feel. To follow, to remember. Clean and delicate, captivating and true.

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Clean and light, Juniperus is an uplifting scent— with invigorating fir and blooming ylang ylang to create a balanced fragrance that evokes alpine air and promotes inner harmony.  

Juniperus transcends gender, age, and even interest in perfume, because, like all Fiele fragrances, it appeals to people on an emotional level.

Created to inspire positive feelings, confidence, and a sense of well-being in all who encounter them— All Fiele fragrance compositions are made with a global array of wildcrafted and organic essential oils, extracts, and absolutes, with an emphasis on premium natural materials. 

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Enriched with Italian bergamot, briny sea air, and oceanic musks, Luce Del Sole’s sunlit essence transports the soul to the beaches of Italy with refreshing notes that melt into the skin. 

The scent of fresh citrus wafts through salty breezes— with notes of lemon, bergamot, mandarin, salt, vetiver, ambergris, musk— Luce Del Sole smells like a golden daylight that gently warms your skin.

All Litoralle Aromatica fragrances specialize in understated and elegant fragrances enriched with sparkling Italian citrus, briny sea air, blushing floral waters, and ethereal oceanic musks. Scents melt into the skin, mingling with your unique body chemistry to restore your spirit back to the Mediterranean coast.

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PS. Did you know, the idea of using perfume as a gift is an ancient practice? From the Egyptian-Roman period, perfume is considered a token of extra affection and used as a gift.