About Us

Thankfully being a mindful consumer is now in style. There is never time for fast fashion. Trends are irrelevant but slow fashion is a philosophical trend we can stand behind. If your style is classic but edgy, in clothes made in small batches with attention to detail in renewable materials, whatever you choose from your closet will make you feel good inside and out.

Born in 2013, Verdalina is proud to be Richmond’s exclusive source for slow-philosophy pieces with lasting style and quality using fair trade, organic, and environmentally responsible materials. Verdalina offers clothing, accessories, and apothecary from small producers who have a passion for design and sustainable practices. Chosen for their aesthetic and sweatshop-free production, lines we carry represent designers with a new energy in fashion and a deliberate departure from fast fashion and disposable clothes.

Feel good about your style by wearing clothes that will look great tomorrow, next month, next year.

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