1509 by Sophia Matthias

Sophia Fragrance Oil

$ 98.00

Sophia is the scent of air, dreams, innocence and sleep.

Created by Sophia Matthias, Sophia makes you feel elsewhere and beautiful. Just as you are. To feel lovely and free of worries as though you were floating in a cloud. 

A romance of soft breaths and silk on your skin.

Naturally preserved with beautiful buds of the light Baby's Breath flower being soaked in a pure and healing Amber Oil blend, she reminds us to stay soft.

The natural touch of these oils, using no alcohol, will dance on your skin in a clean and delicate, yet captivating and unique manner.

• 100% pure fragrance oil
• 20 ml, with a roller ball
• Preserved with baby’s breath
• Made in Los Angeles

Please note this item is not returnable

* If this item is sold out and you would like to know when it will be re-stocked, please email the store at shop@verdalina.com to inquire.

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