Elisabeth Fragrance Oil

$ 98.00

Elisabeth is the scent of hope.

Created by Sophia Matthias, Elisabeth gives off an essence of levity, openness and joy. With beautiful shades of blue Delphinium petals soaked in pure and healing Amber Oil blend ,Elisabeth exudes a certain resonance and deep familiarity.

The natural touch of these oils, using no alcohol, will dance on your skin in a clean and delicate, yet captivating and unique manner.

• 100% pure fragrance oil
• 20 ml, with a roller ball
• Preserved with flower petals
• Made in Los Angeles

Please note this item is not returnable

About 1509:  “I share my story through the art of scent. 1509 is inspired by my native home address in Los Angeles. These pure fragrance oils were created to heal, inspire and touch the lives of those they embrace. A few drops of these pure fragrance oils will dance on your skin, soothe and heal, and evoke a memory while triggering emotion.

* If this item is sold out and you would like to know when it will be re-stocked, please email the store at shop@verdalina.com to inquire.

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