Mischa Lampert

Deep Color Block

$ 150.00 $ 300.00

The Wool Beanie in Color Block by Mischa Lampert features two complimentary shades blocked top and bottom. Hand spun and hand crocheted at Lampert’s soho studio in their signature chunky style. It’s the perfect fit, with additional length and width provide extra warmth and coverage.

Care: Do not wash your hat or put it in the washing machine. To refresh and moisturize your wool we recommend using a dry oil spray. Use as needed. To rejuvenate your fur pom pom, gently steam for about a minute being careful not to steam the wool.

  • 100% fine merino wool
  • width - 22.5" 
  • height - 23.5" + Pom
  • Pieces are handmade and sizes are approximate

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