Maria La Rosa

Laminated Ribbed Socks

$ 45.00

Maria La Rosa Laminated Ribbed Socks are not only chic but ideal for all seasons.

The shine of the foil makes it the perfect accessory for parties and occasions where you don't want to go unnoticed given the sparkling elegance.

Despite their thinness, the socks are extraordinarily insulating, making it very cool in summer and warm in winter.

• 66% Silk, 34% Polyamide
• Made in Italy
• Handwash Inside Out

Note: The metallic finish, which, after multiple washes, tends to disappear, allows the brilliance of the underlying silk to emerge.

About Maria La Rosa: Drawing knowledge and suggestions from her childhood in Sicily— the architecture, furnishings, artifacts— Maria’s way of being, living, and creating is authentic and practical. Escaping from haste, focusing on manual work and aroused by simple and genuine values she uses ancient techniques to produce innovative and absolutely new garments. Noticed by the most influential buying offices, her creations begin to go around the world and to be sold in carefully selected stores. 

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